Corporate Design for INITIATIVE TOLERAVE based in Dresden / TOLERADE 2016.
The city of Dresden is a colourful and multicultural place for many different people – and we want to keep it just like that. With grave concern we have noticed that an increasing atmosphere of resentment is currently threatening refugees and immigrants along with other minorities in our community. We, a group of creative artists, event managers and friends of electronic dance music, feel the duty to do something against that. Dedicating ourselves to an open and tolerant society we want to send a clear signal that national backgrounds and manners of living do not determine who can be part in our circles and that refugees as well as immigrants are explicitly welcome in our community. Bringing people together is our passion. We are convinced that, once the space and the opportunities are provided adequately, we can use them to get in touch with each other, deepen our relations and, finally, bridge the distances between us.

TOLERAVE is such a place – an occasion to get in touch and the chance to get to know each other. Come together

The TOLERADE is an annual event from the INITIATIVE TOLERAVE –
a dance parade which will take place on May every year.

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